About Us

Our story is a typical boy meets girl, only in 2015 via internet dating. We met online and got to talking. We were living about an hour apart at this point and both working full time so a few weeks went past and we couldn't get a day that suited to meet. So, i got on a plane a jetted off to Vietnam to begin my two month adventure back-packing SE Asia, as you do.

A few weeks in, I got really sick. With nothing else to do that lie on the bathroom floor with patchy wifi, i message Ryan. I was sick for four days straight in the middle of a Thai forest but Ryan sat up through the night to video chat, make me laugh and make sure i was okay which got me through.

I made it home in one piece thankfully, and straight away we arrange to meet up. Even though he made me walk about 3 miles in heels! He won me over with Chinese and wine. Two years later we have a little home together and have fell, not only madly in love with each other but with travelling the world together.


A x

Who Are We?


Media Graduate and Music lover

I graduated from The University of Sunderland with a BA in Video Production. I love films (but not horror) and can't get enough of live music. Growing up by the beach, i love a good sunset, although i love the sun, it doesn't like me one bit! I never tan, so have to wear factor 50 even on a spring day in Belfast. I've traveled quite a bit of Europe through inter-railing. If i had to pick my favorite city, i'd have to go with Florence (but that may change tomorrow)


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